Saturday, 8 February 2014

Knit City: Bath

At last, El Kap (the hubby) and I had a free day with Bobbins just to mooch around our favourite town, Bath.  It never fails to make you feel young and cool, the consistently glamorous architecture and independent shops draws all the hip young things.  Was it Hannibal Lecter who said 'Start with what you covet Clarisse', just rubbing up against the affluent, cool vibe makes El Kap and I feel rejuvenated. 

Naturally though the main reason for the trip was to visit my favourite wool shop, the aptly named 'Wool', tucked away down a back lane it is not only a really cute shop but also has a variety and choice of wool that any dedicated knitter will love.  Practical cottons in all colours, tons of soft merino mixes and a good range of handspun/dyed wools you can just drool over.  And the staff are uber-friendly and very sweet indeed.

In the end, and only prompted by the baby waking up and deciding maybe lunch was in order, did I choose the colours for the final knit of Robyn Turban.  This one is for my friends baby Flossy and I chose a dusty purple and ecru, which I think her tasteful mum will approve of, and if I'm honest the blue and teal combo reminded me of R2D2!  Good old Rowan, I'm sure this supersoft Kid classic will give the turban a completely different look.  Its up on Ravelry now, and I'm getting some good responses to test knit requests.

But a girl cannot live on wool alone, we found the most amazing cheese shop, 'The Fine Cheese Co' and tonight it's cheese and crackers and a movie - LUSH! 

 Finally curiosity of an open door lead us to stumble across this university Art Exhibition, I think maybe they have some way to go, and maybe there was just a smidge of pretension but hey, you can only be young once.  This light projection on class was quite cool.

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