Thursday, 6 February 2014

The Big Bad Wolf of Education

Few things wind me up like Mr Gove, I cannot think of one fellow teacher that doesn't want to weep at the reckless nature he has taken to making education reforms.  I'm currently on maternity leave, but looking for a way to extend that until Flea starts school, if I'm being honest I don't feel able to return to my teaching position.  How could I do all the extra work required and be a good mum, the stress makes me want to come home and lie in a dark room, something a baby will not allow.  I feel about teaching like someone heartbroken after realising their childhood sweetheart isn't good for them anymore.  I adore classroom teaching, I find teenagers funny and inspiring, I find something good in each one of the little sods, but that's not what you need to be now, a driven robot, a thick skin, results obsessed.

With a heavy heart I've accepted I do not have the resilience to teach in the current education system, my last head actually said 'do you expect me to say thank you to all my staff when they put in extra'....yes, that is exactly what I needed.

But on the upside, whinge over, every cloud and all that!!  Here starts my new challenge, knitwear designer, merchant of wool, blogger & all round creative sort. I know I'll love it, because it's always been my passion, and maybe someday I will find a way of incorporating hanging out with young people too.

A Teacher friend sent me this inspiration today....brilliant!

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